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The Competing Lawlessness


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Mike Rana … on the degrading social networks …

Telecom service providers join the private software companies to mediate our digital lives – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter and WordPress and the like. This cartel grows in power every day. The spectacular irony is that they know so much about us, while about them, we know so little.

Our life in the lawless digital environment will never be harnessed into discipline. Vested interests will never let it happen. Our privacy and our thinking stream is more vulnerable now than ever before. And this vulnerability will grow exponentially. We are willful accomplices in this growing falsehood and virtual world.

No one wants to dirty hands on clearing this mess. No one has any inherent  control on it. We have started enjoying being in this clutter. We click like on made up photos, willingly and also indulgently. If I don’t what will he think of me ? We are flourishing on the virtual world of falsehood, on almost every platform. Are we not already loosers ? What if someone offends us ? Facebook considers nudity and pornography as “not violating their laid down policies”. Try to report some such content, and you will get these answers. They do not understand the vulgarity of the posts, since it is in some alien language for them.

As this digital mess grows, it becomes more powerful than the State. The state police that is expected to protect us, is more lawless than the digital world. So we end up in an environment where lawlessness competes, leaving us in the lurch. we are rocking …

On which police are we going to depend on? Who will protect our privacy and who will prosecute the offenders?

The simple answer is NONE.

No one will be able to control the communications on Facebook and Google groups. Must we not then mature into tolerance and attain the ability to separate the truth from the panorama of falsehood. Should we not try to become less parochial and more objective ?


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