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Esprit d’ Metro is a facebook page based forum about the spirit of metropolitan societies. It attempts to normalize the behaviour of citizens as the metropolis receives the influx of external settlers. Citizens of large cities must take lessons from the matured metros like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Rio, San Pablo, London, St Petersburg, Moscow, Wien, Paris, Milan, and Shanghai etc, in how they accommodated the movers in. We are looking for journalist and agencies as partners in some of these glorious cities.

Esprit d’ Metro is concerned about all aspects of life that are affected by self and by the local governance. How does a metropolitan contribute to or control the environmental changes, crowding, competition, traffic, crime, discrimination, disasters or the essential services that he needs? What options does he have in the domains of life sustenance, education, entertainment, fashion, health and wellness, art and culture etc?

Esprit d’ Metro is a forum to share thoughts about how we will upgrade the lives of the recently urbanized citizens to the quality of life enjoyed by the pioneers living in those large cities.

And let’s not forget there is this small town mentality that needs to be addressed. Esprit d’ Metro is an enabler platform that seeks to balance the quality of life in metropolitan cities.

Are you with us?


Gurgaon is a unique mix of rural and urban environments with hundreds of villages and water bodies on one side and an enviable skyline of perpetually growing concrete jungles occupied almost permanently by the multinationals of the world. It is city of metro and rapid metro means of mass communications, as well as of rickshaws and cycles of individual transportation. This millennium city suffers from high prevalence of infanticide on one side and emancipated women clicking their heels and rocking at the pubs and bars on the other. Not difficult to find on the roads and malls, women in ghagras and cholis, and shorts and jeans. Want a proof, just drop in at the cyber hub.

Both these women must coexist. They must flourish in their preferred attire and attitudes. They must look at each other with awe. And they must remember that they do not exist as “I” in the city. We seek this spirit of co-existence and are looking for men and women, who can fulfill our dream of emancipation and belongingness. Are you the one with fire in the belly then be the part of this movement, as a participant and as a promoter of the glorious event – A unique fashion show of Ethnic and mod attires by the Esprit d’ Metro?  Do you want to be a bridge and integrate rural and urban men and women in their values and cultures, each one learning from the other?

Then you are the one we are looking for. We will find you, brand you and then deploy you for the tasks required for urbanized co-existence.

Membership & Promotion

Then this is what you should do …

  1. First re-read what is written above
  2. Add more and more friends to the facebook group Metropolitan


  1. Those in cities outside of Delhi NCR have been placed in the group Cosmopolitan, so add friends there


  1. Then please like the page Esprit d’Metro so that messages reach all uniformly


These steps are required for increase in our numbers from the present 800 to about 10,000 in one year

Evaluate yourself and be convinced that you have the beans to be in this movement of the Esprit d’ Metro’s.


  1. Princy says:

    Keep it up👍


  2. Joe says:

    nicely designed site


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