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Dead Body Disposal

Tower of Silence 1Click here for the changing trend of dead body disposal


20 Unseen Photos of Marilyn Monroe


20 Unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe

Alphabet controls the new Google

Google   Alphabet and the New Google

Visual Appreciation of the Universe

EarthClick here for pictures.

To evaluate your existence and relevance in this universe

via 26 Pictures .

Pornography ban lifted

Pornography ban restricted to child pornography

Is it Good Music

Tell me how you rate musician or a singer. This is the same question as which song is good and which one not as much. Who decides and based on what criteria.


Windows 10 Upgrade

What to Expect


Kalam Ko Salaam

He is the one who announced to me the death of Rajiv Gandhi, waking me up at midnight … we were staying in adjoining rooms in the officers’ mes in DLRL Hyderabad … He was highly disturbed then …

And he is the one who extended my spending power from Rs 10 Lac to 20 Lac to achieve faster results, for the project LRNG, air defense radars linked together by satellite … for catching the low flying aircraft from across the borders …

I always found him quick and correct in his decision taking capability

Fingertip goes on Metro Channel

Metro news carried a feature on Jyotsna Rana and Mike Rana  with Simmy Harding

2015-07-01 Simmy Harding-010

Jyotsna and Mike Rana on Metro News

Net Neutrality

Will internet fleece our pockets ?


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