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Cash Cash 1

Advertise for Branding and Trending

  • Do not waste time on posting everyday on facebook groups; no one reads your ads
  • Repeated posts are ignored or hidden at sight
  • Be selective and pricey; make them to pull your ads
  • Optimize your reach globally without efforts
  • Make use of Esprit d’ Metro’s perpetual posting on pages
  • Enjoy the weekly broadcasts by Esprit d’ Metro without moving a finger
  • Utilize the saved time for productive work in the real world with near and dear ones
  • Get away from the virtual world

Reach out to about 10,000 real and active readers without making efforts

  • Facebook          25 relevant groups connected
  • Facebook          1200 active reader accounts connected
  • Linkedin             900 active accounts in The Universe of Thinkers operated by Esprit d’ Metro
  • Linkedin             9 large groups connected with estimated more than 3500 readers
  • Twitter               120 followers and growing
  • WordPress         Estimated 600 followers of 2 active sites
  • Google+             Estimated 400 direct followers
  • Gmail                 5500 accounts segmented into 12 groups
  • Yahoo                300 connected accounts
  • Pinterest            120 followers
  • Stumble Upon    25 followers

Just send us your links if you have, otherwise we will design the ad for free

Ads are hosted on Esprit d’ Metro on Rental Basis

Hosting Rates

  • 1 Month hosting – 4 broadcasts, one per week Rs 500
  • 1 Quarter hosting – 12 broadcasts, one per week Rs 1200


Web Sites added recently

Model Thakur Jags – Portfolio

Facebook Pages linked recently

Tulika – Art for Vibrations


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