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Gurmeet Chaudhary


2015-05-29 Guests Judges-046 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-047 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-048 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-049 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-052 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-054 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-055 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-060 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-061 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-062 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-063 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-064 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-069 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-072 2015-05-29 Guests Judges-073 2015-05-29 Judges-011 2015-05-29 Judges-019 2015-05-29 Winners-038 2015-05-29 Winners-050



  1. nelufaraazmi says:

    Awsm Pics..
    Pls upload more of Gurmeet …

    Thnxx !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikerana says:

      Nilofer, We should think of promoting Gurmeet on this site too .. For hosting his photos this time, I did it free. But if you want to post his life sketch etc, I will be charging Rs 1000 for the post, that will remain for 6 months on the site. The site has links with about 2000 persons through facebook and linkedin


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